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Sustainable development is a growing priority among all players in the economy. The scarcity and high cost of energy inevitably lead these players to review their operating procedures and to adopt more efficient and sustainable practices.

Elementerre Consulting conducts audits on sustainable development to stimulate the economic growth of your structure.

We operate in 3 steps:

  • Diagnosis
  • The implementation of the strategy
  • The support and monitoring

Our Approach :

Diagnosis :

  • Immersion in the different departments to prepare an environmental report of the management practices and structure of consumption.
  • Highlighting the points on which the structure will act to improve its environmental performance and economic.

This facilitates the identification of priority action areas.

Strategy :

  • Develop action levers
  • Establish sustainable management strategies
  • Establish a communications strategy that puts ahead efforts in sustainable actions

Support and Monitoring :

Elementerre implements the strategies developed and ensure their efficiency and maintenance


  • The establishment of a sustainable strategy will enable your organization to assess the direct and indirect gains related to actions.
  • The establishment of a communication strategy will allow you to gain a competitive advantage and attract new customers.

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